Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Twilight Velvet Knifed 3 times in chest/throat slit in closet 'Rainbow Dash' No
Steve Orton Bound to chair, gagged with tape, gutted through back with hunting knife 'Lighning Blast' Yes
Casey Decker Knifed in back/chest/throat/gutted, hung from tree by rope 'Rainbow Dash'/Ghostface, 'Lightning Blast'/Ghostface Yes
Principal Arthur Hembry Knifed 3 times in chest/stomach/gutted, hung from football goal post by rope 'Rainbow Dash'/Ghostface Yes
Tate Riley Leg sliced with knife, stuck in cat flap/lifted/neck snapped by garage door/electrocuted 'Rainbow Dash'/Ghostface Yes
Kenny Johnson Throat slit with hunting knife 'Lightning Blast'/Ghostface Yes
'Lightning Blast' Knifed in twice in chest/leg/back, hand bitten, hit in head with vase, TV dropped on head/electrocuted 'Rainbow Dash'/Unmasked Ghostface Yes
'Rainbow Dash' Knifed 3 times in chest/shoulder slashed/stomach, chest impaled 4 times with umbrella, shot in chest twice/head with handgun 'Twilight Sparkle'/Ghostface, Gale Weathers Yes

Scream 2Edit

Victim Cause of death Killer On-Screen Notes
Phil Stevens Knifed in ear 3 times through bathroom stall/hacked up 'Rainbow Dash' Yes
Marreen Evans Knifed in chest/back 3 times/3 more times/hacked up 'Applejack' Yes
Cici Cooper Smashed though glasss window, knifed in back 4 times, thrown off 2nd floor balcony 'Rainbow Dash' Yes
Randy Neeks Knifed 4 times in chest/throat slit in news van 'Rainbow Dash' Yes
Officer Richard Andrews Throat slit with hunting knife in police car 'Applejack' Yes
Officer Andrew Richards Knifed in chest, head bashed against car window twice, impaled on back of head through windshield while on moving car 'Applejack' Yes
Hallie McDaniel Knifed 4 times in chest 'Applejack' Yes
Tallie McDaniel Throat slit with hunting knife 'Rainbow Dash' No
Derrick Feldman Bound to cross, gagged with tape, shot in chest with handgun 'Applejack' Yes
'Applejack' Shot in chest 3 times/16 more times with 2 handguns 'Rainbow Dash'/Ghostface Unmasked, Twilight Sparkle, Gale Weathers Yes
'Rainbow Dash' Hit in face with broken bottle, axed in chest 3 times, shot in chest/head with handgun Yes

Scream 3Edit

Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Christine Hamilton Knifed twice in back 'Rainbow Dash'/Ghostface Yes
Cotton Weary Arm slashed twice, knifed in chest twice/head 'Rainbow Dash'/Ghostface Yes
Sarah Darling Head punched through glass door, knifed in stomach 'Rainbow Dash'/Ghostface Yes
Steven Stone Knifed in chest, head bludgeoned 6 times with frying pan 'Rainbow Dash'/Ghostface Yes
Tom Prinze House exploded by lightning lighter 'Pinkie Pie'/Ghostface Yes
Angelina Tyler Knifed in back/chest/shoulder 'Pinkie Pie'/Ghostface Yes
Tyson Fox Knifed in chest, rug pulled underneath/neck snapped, thrown from 4th floor balcony 'Rainbow Dash'/Ghostface Yes
Jennifer Jolie Knifed in stomach/chest behind one-way mirror 'Pinkie Pie'/Ghostface Yes
Stan Throat slit with hunting knife 'Rainbow Dash'/Ghostface No
Pinkie Pie Knifed in back 3 times/chest, shot in head with handgun 'Rainbow Dash'/Ghostface Unmasked, Twilight Sparkle Yes
'Rainbow Dash' Ice pick in chest 4 times/stomach, shot in chest 12 times with handgun Twilight Sparkle Yes